Love Come of Age: Reflections on Christian Spirituality

By John H. Miller, C.S.C., S.T.D.

CALLED BY LOVE has had to be reprinted, since the first printing was exhausted. It is devoted to explaining in a simple but not superficial manner the doctrines of faith, in brief reflections that cover not quite two pages--just about the length that might satisfy a busy parishioner. With humour and poetry combined with solid doctrine, Fr. Miller endeavours to fill the catechetical void that we are currently experiencing, whether through
default of religion classes in school or pulpit preaching. The serious Catholic will not find his faith threatened nor his mind overtaxed. Fr. Miller draws upon the rich fare of Scripture, Tradition, the Fathers of the Church, the councils, uses current examples, and when ordinary language cannot carry the meaning of the mystery, he breaks into poetry.

LOVE RESPONDS, in similar style, is devoted to Christian Morality. But Fr. Miller does not offer a morality of "don'ts". Rather, he shows how Christian morality provides affirmative prescriptions that lead straightforwardly to the happiness of loving God and of living a positive virtuous life in response to God's call of love. Commandments, far from being repressive of our freedom and personality, point the way to the full flowering of our personal potential. The Commandments free us to love. In this same spirit, Fr. Miller retrieves the magnificent Thomistic synthesis of the virtues: all moral action springs from the positive good of virtue and thus avoids sin.

These two books originally appeared as Sunday Bulletin columns at St. Rita's Church, New Orleans, where the author served as associate pastor for four years before being selected as the Editor of SOCIAL JUSTICE REVIEW. The essays they contain, however, are not the ordinary fare common to parish bulletins of the church-of-where-it's-at. If you want to do your pastor a favour, give him these books and suggest that he run one of the essays each week in his bulletin. He will find Catholics coming from other parishes to pick up a copy of the latest bulletin.

Eminently qualified for his task, Fr. Miller is a theologian, liturgist, teacher and poet; he is also able to write in plain English so that the reader gets the impression that Father writes as if he is sitting in our living room talking to us. Parents will certainly find it a blessing to have his books in their home to help them inform their children properly in the Catholic faith. And recently, Father has published the last of the trilogy: LOVE COME OF AGE: Reflections on Christian Spirituality. With all three now published, Fr. Miller swiftly and joyfully takes us all the way from the first moment of thinking about God to the glory of the divine embrace in heaven.

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