Toward a New Babel? : A comprehensive study of the Global Paradigm and its long-range significance

By Joyce G. Bradshaw

The "New Age" movement has not died, and TOWARD A NEW BABEL? not only reveals its origins, but demonstrates its on-going power and future possibilities. Recalling statements made by early leaders, Joyce Bradshaw lays the foundations for today's cultural transformation activities. These can be identified in most of the "politically correct" categories touted by pundits and the media.

What stands out, in the progress of New Age ideology, is the way in which statements of purpose made in the 1970s have been fulfilled in the 1990s. This includes things like grassroots activism to produce social change, erosion of social mores such as the incest taboo, shifts in the basic understanding of reality and consciousness, planetization of institutions and ideologies, introduction of alternatives in health care and wellness maintenance, and popularization of "spirituality" through mystical methods like Zen meditation, channeling and fetishism.

Undoubtedly, the most effective arena for the furtherance of New Age concepts has been education. The process begins in pre-school programmes (in which youngsters are fed a steady diet of self-esteem and godless biases), permeates university curricula, and preaches life-enhancement for adults through personal transformation techniques.

Globalization, as the author emphasizes, is the current tool in the propagation of New Age principles. As all fields of endeavour are woven into a worldwide system, fewer centres of authority, held in the hands of the elite, means less freedom of choice for individuals. In the end, humanity may have produced a new Babel which will have dictatorial potential. Social justice could become an obsolete concept that even the efforts of the
U.S. cannot protect."
Rev. John H. Miller, C.S.C.,

"For anyone who cares about the condition of American society and our children's future, this book is a real eye-opener. Mrs. Bradshaw's scholarly approach and research has a powerful impact which reveals a shocking truth and a seemingly dark and sinister force at work on a global scale. This book helps explain a reason for the deterioration and decline of Judaeo-Christian morals and values in the West."
Galen A. Smith,

"Joyce Bradshaw has drawn a frightening picture of the forces which are driving society into the twenty-first century. As secular commonality and New Age spirituality join, the goal is a globalization that is humanistic with a spirituality of human invention. Bradshaw sees this held together by what she calls the 'Spider Webbing' of electronic communication. The author then draws attention to the similarity of today's condition to that of Israel in the Old Testament.

But she does not leave the reader at the edge of a precipice labeled 'Sure Doom'. She draws attention to a role which pure and true faith might have in shaping a better society, and she supports this with the statement that 'the Lord God is eminently capable of creating the unimaginable, the truly new. And when all human efforts have been exhausted and every godless plan tried, the paradigm of all paradigms will be established on earth..."
Jackson Wilcox,

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