Scholars for Social Justice

In 1996, a new organization, Scholars for Social Justice, was formed by the Rev. John H. Miller, C.S.C., S.T.D., then Director of the Central Bureau of the Catholic Central Verein of America, and Professor Raphael T. Waters, of Niagara University. While the Scholars plan and execute their programmes for social justice and related matters of social morality in accord with the Natural Moral Law and the Papal Magisterium, they act as a distinct entity in association with the other section of the Catholic Central Verein of America, each according to his lights.

Consistently, year after year, members of the governing body have been re-elected to serve as the Board of the Scholars. Members of the Board are:

  • Raphael T. Waters, Ph.D.,Ph.C. -- Chairman Emeritus
  • Cynthia Toolin, Ph.D. -- Chairman
  • Rev. Edward Krause, C.S.C., Ph.D.
  • Samuel A. Nigro, M.D.
  • John B. Shea, M.D.

Although the Scholars present papers at the time of conventions of the Catholic Central Verein of America and the National Catholic Women's Union, members, coming from many varied professions and locations in the United States and Canada, continue their scholarly activities alone and in collaboration. Papers presented at the annual conference are eligible to appear in the November-December issue of the Social Justice Review. The S.S.J. Conference and two conventions (CCUA, NCWU) usually take place around August 15th.

Some of our Scholars who have presented papers rather regularly are: Dr. Samuel Nigro, Dr. John Shea, Father Krause, James E. Phelan, Psy.D., Prof. Thomas D. Watts, Ph.D., Prof. Michael Farrell, Ph.D., Dr. Steven White, M.D., Prof. Cynthia Toolin, Dr. George Isajiw, and Prof. Raphael Waters.

Some of the general themes of the past conferences, all in the pursuit of truth and justice, have been:

  • Justice for Freedom
  • Justice in the Political Order
  • Justice in Development
  • Eugenics
  • Freedom for Justice
  • Injustice in the Professions
  • Justice in Education

You are invited to join the growing number of Catholics, loyal to the Pope, who dedicate their scholarly efforts and expertise to the pursuit of the apostolate of scholarship for the development of our culture, the common good, and the economic and political welfare of our nation in the light of the Natural Moral Law and divine revelation.

Membership among the Scholars also brings full membership in either Union. It is understood that only those who are practising Catholics and are loyal to the Holy Father in all things may apply. Annual dues are $25 and also entitle members to an annual subscription to the Social Justice Review.

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